What You Should Know About Pool Service in Charlotte NC

Getting your swimming pool repaired is very common these days, especially once the pool season gets over and it’s time to get it renovated. However, one should not mix Charleston pool maintenance with remodeling pool service in Charlotte NC as they both are very different from each other.

Structural repairing of swimming pool is something that you should focus more on as it works for both maintenance and renovation. Once you decide to get your pool structurally remodeled through a professional pool service in Charlotte NC, you must understand what kind of material is used for making your swimming pool:


Concrete pools develop cracks mostly during the winter season because of extreme temperature fluctuations. You can get the minor cracks covered easily, but if they are major then remodeling is the most viable solution.


Vinyl pools develop cracks in their lining easily and they are also very easy to mend until they remain to the lining only. If they are taking some serious form then it’s time to call for professional help.


These kinds of pools last the longest but they are prone to easy reactions from minerals and chemicals that might lead to ugly discoloration of your swimming pool. Acid wash is the most common technique that professionals use to treat discoloration.

Analyze your needs and then take a call for your swimming pool repair and remodel requirements for unmatchable service.